Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQ'S to help you
understand Map It Realtour

Map it Realtour is an app that helps agents/realtors navigate to a list of homes without leaving the app. It allows the agent and the client to add notes and pictures to each home. It allows the agent to add his listings and share them with his client and anyone else instantly. It also provides easy communication with, in app messaging between the client and the agent. There is a communication area where all communication is stored to view at any time. Then there is an area on the app where agents can save their favorite places and share them with others. Map it Realtour is an app that makes the agents busy workload much much easier.
Map it Client is a buyer client’s version of Map it Realtour. Once the realtor shares an invite to the client, the client is allowed to download the app. Map it Client has some of same features as Map it Realtour but is exclusive to that client. With the app the client can follow the route shared with them and also take notes and pictures about the home where they are synced with the agents. The app saves all routes of the clients and their notes and pictures to view later. The client app also has the same in app messaging, click to call, email ect that the agent has. It helps keep their communication organized. And if the client has a personal listing, the client can view and also share the listing with others. Map it Client is the perfect way to stay connected with their agent and all the activity.
You can add as many homes as you want, and you do not leave the app to navigate. In fact, the navigation is used with voice navigation to help the agent and client find the homes easily.
For most activities you will stay in the app. You stay in the app (Reatlour and Client) for creating a route of homes, navigating to each home, taking notes and pictures of each home, messaging the agent or client, viewing, and sharing the agents or buyer’s/seller’s listings, saving favorite locations, and viewing messages, call log, email details, notes and route history. - You leave the app to make a call and send an email. But the app saves the call log, and you can view the emails details in activity.
Each favorite will have the address, remarks and one picture.
All the pins/house location will start off red. Once you arrive at the house/location the pin will turn green to signify you have reached that location. The pins will be automatically sorted from closest to farthest with the agent adding the starting address.
Yes, the agent can add or delete any location except for the ones already seen and are in green.
Map it Realtour can create a route with the clients list of homes, assign the route to a client and in app navigate with voice, to each home. Create notes and pictures at each home and make final notes once the route is complete. Save the route for viewing later (this is done automatically). Create a contact and message, call, email and add notes for each contact. Invite clients to Map it Client. Add listings to share with client and others. Add favorite locations to save for later or share with others. View, share or renavigate to old routes.
Map it Client is by invite only via your agent. The client can only view the routes that are assigned to them. They can also in app voice navigate to each home, like the agent. The client can add notes and pictures and see the agents notes and pictures. The client can view their route and the notes and pictures later. They can message the agent, make notes, and also click to call and click to email like the agent and view each item later in the activity section. The client can also view their own listing if they have one. The client also has the agent information in their menu.
Map it Client users can’t sign up themselves, it is by invite only (at least for now). The client cannot create their own route, they can only follow the route created for them. They can’t add their own listing, only see the one the agent created for them. Basically, the app is an extension of the Map it Realtour app for the client, with the clients’ routes and listings only and it has to be shared from the agent.
Yes. Agents can add up to 15 contacts with the option of buying more contacts if they need to. The contacts are initially limited to 15 because my company is charged for how much the mapping software is used in the app. So, we must charge a little more if the agent needs to add more contacts. Please note that when your buyer finds a home you can delete them and that will give you back 1 contact space. A lot of agents deal with up to 10 to 15 clients at a time so that is why I picked the contact number at 15.
The package for teams will be in the next feature release.
The agent can add most of the detail that a lot of websites have for a listing. The listing will have the address, pictures, remarks, house type, price, number of beds and baths, sq ft, lot size and key features.
Yes, the agent can share each listing he has with anyone, with a click of a button. A client can share their own listing, if they have one, from their client app.